Jay Newman on Impact Entrepreneur during Q&A

March and April 2024

Visionary Investing: A Deep Dive into Impact
Guest: Adam Bendell, CEO of Toniic
March 28, 2024

Jay spoke a bit about his view and experiences and then asked Adam:

“What are you seeing as the most encouraging areas and the best opportunities for accelerating this evolution of the entire mentality of using wealth and investing in ways that actually factor in ‘What the hell are we doing?’”

Here’s the excerpt of Jay (first of two in this webinar):

Lisa Renstrom, Toniic member, then said this in Q&A:

“I have experienced this integration or coming at this, like, listening to your body and your heart, for your health and sanity, and having those values integrated into your investing as the, in my opinion, the only way to live on this planet and remain sane. So, I’d love for you to share with the audience just more about that spiritual piece that Toniic brings into this work.”

Adam’s response included:

“The spiritual dimension of this. So, that is not a word that I introduced into the conversation unbidden. And I didn’t because, although I’m quite comfortable with idea the word can be triggering or a turn-off for some people. Right? It’s like, ‘Ah, my God. The namby pamby. Here come the namby pambies again. The woo-woo investors. The people who want to do disguised philanthropy and call it investing because it makes them feel good. The dumb money.’ You know. The blah, blah, blah, blah blah. And I don’t like stepping into that trap, so I choose my words carefully.”

Adam then went on to say:

“I do believe it’s part of my spiritual journey,” and he had additional good things to say along those lines as well.

Dirk Schroeder, an audience member involved in impact investing, then said this during Q&A:

”One of the big topics of conversation we had in Davos over the past few years, and this has really become clear to me with my African partners in Nairobi and South Africa and elsewhere is the negative impact, interestingly, that the Gates Foundation, WHO – I hope no one’s on here from the Gates Foundation and others because I’ve got some proposals with you – but, essentially, they just keep telling me over and over that they are looking at the conditions that these big global organizations are working on addressing, and if any of those are making noise around, for example, a malaria vaccine then the innovators in Africa run the other way, because they know they can spend years on this, and the investors that they’ve been working on, and then a big foundation comes in, gives everything away for free, and of course that not a way that you get a return on investment.”

That all led to Jay speaking up further in Q&A.

Here’s the excerpt of Jay (second of two in this webinar):

Adam’s response to that included the following:

“I really don’t,” and “We try really hard to be invitational rather than blaming.”

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Visionary Investing: A Deep Dive into Impact with Adam Bendell

Leveraging Private Equity for Impact & Growth in Emerging Markets
Guest: Clemens Feil
April 11, 2024

Jay asked a question about increasing diabetes and obesity in emerging markets with profit being the primary driving force and it resulting in big companies selling very unhealthy foods to those people where they weren’t prevalent in the past

Here’s the excerpt of Jay:

Clemens’ response to that included the following:

“All of that is important, but in emerging markets you’re just kind of solving the fundamental problems. You need more hospitals. You need more doctors. You need mor universities. You need more distributors to actually get the goods to the people. And whether certain candies or soft drinks are healthy or not, that is something that has to be regulated by the local regulators or governments. As a foreigner, you don’t really have the influence on that, unless you’re a lobbyist. So that is not necessarily something that the private sector, in and of itself, I think, can change.”

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Leveraging Private Equity for Impact & Growth in Emerging Markets

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