For “Lost Dollar Business Club” audience

Show recorded December 30, 2023

Guest: Jay Newman

Below is a page of info and links I provided for attendees of a large annual conference for wealth managers for the very rich. LDBC viewers interested in my guest appearance on LDBC may find this to be interesting and informative in multiple ways.

– Jay

(Note: Some links below have embedded passwords that will expire mid-January unless terminated sooner or extended. You won’t have to enter any passwords with the links below. If later you want to revisit a password-protected page using its URL, at present the password for the protected links below is: superman. This is to mitigate against a well-intended person posting on social media what should remain in a more private realm for regulatory reasons. After the links no longer work, contact me for updated access.)

For Family Office Club Super Summit contacts

December 4, 2023

No pitch deck here. I like video. It requires your time but greatly facilitates relationships between people and helps establish if we have shared values and vision.

I’m seeking cash that’s entirely supportive with no strings attached (make a character judgment and let me do my job), advice, feedback, brainstorming/strategy meetings with one or a group of like-minded people, introductions, help with implementation, and, perhaps most important of all, cheerleading and friendship.

If this resonates, I invite you to contact me so we can coordinate talking and meeting locally and/or online. My contact info is below. Let’s have some fun!

First, check out this 2-minute excerpt from the video at the link further below of me introducing the Evolved Influence platform and what I’m doing and why:

This chart from hospital lab reports shows the results of using Opti-Silver for a patient who was expected to die within a few days but instead went on to live:

Click image to enlarge:

Below are links to information on:

Investing in Invision-Argentech (private company, for making and selling antimicrobial Opti-Silver)
Donating to Champions for Humanity (non-profit, charitably distributing Opti-Silver)
Participating in Evolved Influence (accelerating wealth for humanity, supporting next-gen)

– Investing up to $1 million for Convertible Note & Warrant to make and sell Opti-Silver ionic silver complex

8-minute intro video with me discussing millions I’ve repeatedly turned down from potential investors predicting hundreds of millions in value because they were only in it for the money, and where this is going as I bring in funding from people who genuinely care about helping to save millions of people from disease:

30-minute education/marketing video “Understanding colloidal silver, ionic silver, and Opti-Silver”:

One-page Executive Summary:

Champions for Humanity
– Donating to charitably distribute Opti-Silver (tax-deductible, currently on a $10 million fundraising drive)

Compelling 12-minute video on chemistry, potential for impact on humanity in reducing infectious disease including medical reports, and expansion plans:

Compelling 7-minute video of a nurse reporting on saving lives with the Opti-Silver formulation in Silver 100 and Humanity Silver:

Evolved Influence
– Participating to accelerate the evolution of using wealth and investing collaboratively for humanity and the planet, including a support group for recipients of generational wealth

15-minute video in which I candidly explain what I see as a still “barbaric” level of socio-economic culture and my vision and plans to help accelerate evolution:

Contact me:

Jay Newman
Cell: 954-295-3833