The Evolved Influence project was created by Jay Newman. Its purpose is to accelerate the evolution of using wealth, investing, and influence for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Jay believes our current level of socioeconomic cultural evolution is still barbaric and humankind will not survive much longer unless it changes rapidly. He believes we can evolve to a more harmonious level as a species if we put our collaborative hearts and minds into fostering that growth.

There are three main modules to the EI platform at present:

Interview Series

The Interview Series is a program wherein Jay Newman is interviewing wealthy individuals, their fund managers, influencers, and thought leaders to discuss the differences between where we are and where we can go, and to develop the most viable and actionable strategies we can to dramatically facilitate that evolution.

This program has only begun and is gaining considerable interest and attention. As the EI platform expands, this is expected to remain the primary component.

Sharing Pledge

The Sharing Pledge is a program wherein individuals whose net worth exceeds half a billion dollars are asked to immediately give away the wealth that exceeds the half-a-billion level and to structure that remaining half a billion to automatically redirect what that half-a-billion asset yields to good causes.

Warren Buffet and now also Bill Gates promote the Giving Pledge, a concept created by Buffet more than a decade ago, whereby people worth a net worth of more than a billion dollars pledge to give away at least half their wealth either while they’re still alive or in their will, and not to their children. At EI, we feel that while this is a nice gesture, adherents to the Sharing Pledge are taking meaningful action in real time that will incur a far more impactful rate of change.

As more and more people adopt the Sharing Pledge and adhere to it, and more and more people are coaxing others to do so, a movement of substantial change for the betterment of humanity and the planet might be created. Moreover, Pledgers are likely to become influencers and collaborate to help achieve even more.

Heir Support

Perhaps 20% of the wealth in the U.S. belongs to heirs to fortunes of over a billion dollars who either inherited or were given the money. As many people who work with those individuals are well aware, a remarkably large percentage of those heirs are grossly lacking in joy, meaning, and direction in their lives. At EI we believe that with a little coaching and support many of these people can live joyous lives – and that will inherently result in growing contributions to humanity.

Other modules


At EI, we hope to facilitate a Coalition of like-minded people who are participants in one or more of the above primary projects. The possibilities are substantial.

Life Enhancement

Jay offers life enhancement coaching and training – call it humble “I don’t know much, but I may be able to enhance your  life and your life journey a bit, while along the way helping us co-creatively support and be in harmony with life itself.” His teaching is based on Chinese-style energy practices, health enhancement practices, consciousness development, “letting go to better flow,” and more, all based on a lifetime of training, practice, and successfully overcoming challenges.


The blog has ideas and general support for individuals, humanity, and the planet – support of life itself.